Say Wow at Panglao, Bohol

Panglao at Daytime. Photo from

The first night of our Cebu-Bohol tour was spent at Panglao Beach, Bohol. Since it’s a night time, the beach wasn’t that scenic so I’ll just the image above for those who’d like to know what it’s like at daytime.

Panglao, Bohol at Night

Panglao at Night

Adventuroj Family at Panglao

ADventuroj at Panglao

Alona Land Resort

We’ve got a reservation at Alona Land Resort in Panglao for our overnight stay. It’s one of the cheapest one along the area as most offer sky high prices.

Alona Land Resort

Other Cheap Places to Stay at Panglao

  • Oops Bar 1100 php
  • Dumaluan Beach 1800/nyt (4 pax)
  • Bohol Divers Resort 2500 php
  • Paragayo Resort: 0918 7183316 next door to a good restaurant (powder keg). Deluxe 2,300″

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One thought on “Say Wow at Panglao, Bohol

  1. Hi, could you let me know what you thought of the Alonaland Resort? We’ve made reservations there for the end of June and most people seem to say good things about it but it would be good to hear it first hand. Thanks 🙂

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