The Liebster Blog Award: Adventuroj’s First Blog Award

Adventuroj Wons the Liebster Blog Award!

My ‘Sun’day turned into a ‘sun’nier one when I got the news – my blog got nominated for a blog award!

Adventuroj Wons the Liebster Blog Award!

I just started blogging this year out of my whimsical desire to share my adventures to my friends, family, and adventurers alike. I’d like to share to them my travels, my destinations, and my dream to visit all provinces of the Philippines and of course, the world.

I have no intent to blog to brag. For me blogging is my way of giving back to the blessings that I’ve received over the years. Blogging provides me an opportunity to promote the happiness of others.

It’s already rewarding enough for me to get a page view, a like, a comment, or perhaps a word or two from an acquaintance thanking me for inspiring them. But a blog award? I say, it’s one of the best gifts a blogger could receive!

So today I’d like to share to you my first ever blog award – the Liebster Blog Award! Continue reading