Family Budget Tour at Cebu and Bohol

Here’s a somewhat long overdue post since the escapade happened months ago (October 2011). However, this doesn’t keep me from posting what I considered as a memorable event to me. 😉

The Plan

Cebu Pacific’s Zero Fare

I’ve never been a frequent flyer (much more bring my family along) not until last year when I spotted Cebu Pacific’s Zero Fare and booked a flight from Gensan to Cebu. It’s actually my first promo fare booking with them (and ever since had already been a habit for my monthly destination adventures). Being able to confirm our booked flights, we’re good to go and invade Cebu and Bohol from October 22-25, 2011 (Oct. 25 was also my mother’s birthday. Yay!).

Adventuroj with her mom and brother

DIY Itinerary Cebu-Bohol Tour

Chocolate Hills in Bohol

I’m naturally a budget friendly person, (kuripot in tagalog, may be due to my Ilocano roots). So I opted to prepare a DIY tour for our family than avail of expensive tour packages. Months before the trip, I’ve already planned out our itineraries and the possible hotels where we could stay. Below is the list of the resources that had been handy to me. Hopefully it’ll also help you if you’re planning to have one. Continue reading