Random Travel Thoughts: #Day8 of my 60 Days Southeast Asia Trip

09.21.2016, 10:41pm, Thailand time.

Today had been GREAT. 🙂

Woke up in BALI. Early morning walk at Kuta beach.


Watched some surfers. Brunch at McDonald’s.



Yung mas malaki pa yung Rice nila kesa sa Chicken? hahaha!

Then by serendipity, stumbled upon fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers who are also in Indonesia for an all-expense paid + a $1,000 pocket money 😲 sponsored trip by the Indonesian Tourism Board.

I kept on seeing some of their posts in my newsfeed as we were friends in Facebook, but I didn’t expect to see and meet some of them here. Perhaps a sign? Hopefully next time I could get to join them. 😉

Got a FREE taxi ride to the airport (thanks to Uber). 😄

But got unlucky upon airline check in – was forced to check in my bag, had to pay double right on spot for a baggage allowance. 😭😭

Good thing I have my credit card with me.

Bade GOODBYE to my memories of Bali. ❤


Until next time Bali!

Took a FOUR-HOUR plane ride (the longest perhaps I ever took).
But time ain’t waisted, I decided to blog while on thousands of miles above sea level. (watch out for the post soon). 😉
First time to write while on a plane ride.

Arrived in BANGKOK, THAILAND at their budget terminal.
Quite smelly I should say.
Long queue at the immigration. 😪

Tried saving money by taking the bus to my hostel, but eventually got lost.
Ended up hailing a taxi and paying almost 300 Baht. (The bad side of traveling solo, you get to pay for the entire ride). 😰



Eventually made friends with my roomies immediately – two of which are female solo travelers also.

One’s a SOUTH AFRICAN who tried escaping home to prove that Africans can and should travel too. And had been traveling for 3 years and counting now.

Another’s a girl about my age residing here in Thailand, but had been traveling within the country for sometime now. And now awaiting her flight to EUROPE after getting her Schengen Visa. An inspiration that Asians can do it too.

Met also a Chinese guy who had just RESIGNED FROM HIS JOB to travel the world – going solo as well.

Went out to have DINNER. But finding that most foods are beyond budget for today, I decided to just buy a meal from a sidewalk vendor, only for 30Baht.


Then tried out this street food as well, perhaps a Thailand version of our Pinoy Sorizo – but sorry I don’t like this Thai food. *ulk!


Went to STARBUCKS and was happy to purchase two more Starbucks Cards to add to my collection. Now, I’m about to complete the Starbucks Fall Collection Leaf Cards, the right one in green’s from Bali. Then the other two’s from here in Bangkok.


Also, I found out SB cards are way cheaper here in Thailand. Each card costs only 100Baht, and you could even combine the balances of all the cards when making a purchase, something you cannot do in the Philippines.

Good news also came to most of my friends who are licensed physicians now – after they passed the medical board exams.

Kudos! And congratulations to all of you! I’m proud of you all! 👍

I still wonder what if before I made a different choice, and decided to take up medicine? I guess I wouldn’t be here to where I am right now. Oh well, everything happens for a reason. 🙂

What a day it had been.
It’s raining really hard right now.
I’m here all cozy and warm in our hostel, working as the night passes by.

I hope tomorrow will be a better day.
Good night. ❤


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