2013 Lake Holon Outlet Adventure Invitation Climb

You probably had been to South Cotabato, but I’m sure you haven’t had a chance to visit this spot yet – none other than the Lake Holon.

Lake Holon

Lake Holon: The Philippines’ Cleanest Lake

Nestled on the mountains of T’boli, South Cotabato, as the caldera lake of the famed Mt. Parker, Lake Holon is considered as the Philippines’ Cleanest Lake.

It is said to be so clean that you can drink water from it while swimming.

Lake HolonAt 1400 MASL, the water is also so cold, but even then, you will desire to swim for that rare moment when you will feel as if you were in some scene in “Crouching Tiger / Hidden Dragon”.

Surrounded by mountaintops and a virgin forest, it is so secluded and peaceful, even to the point they said that you will not be surprised if a dinosaur sprung out of the forests.

An Invite to Trek this Natural Wonder

Lake Holon Outlet

Lake Holon Outlet

So when I received an invite from the tourism department of T’boli, I instantly said yes!

The itchy feet couldn’t resist this chance of a lifetime!

Lake Holon Itinerary

Here’s the itinerary for the said trip, registration fee is ONLY 350php inclusive of tshirt, transpo and 1 dinner meal:

Lake Holon Climb

March 8, 9, 10, 2013

March 8 (Friday) DAY 1

8:00AM-4:00PM – Arrival of Participants/Registration
Tourism/Information Office
4:00PM-5:00PM – Fetch Tents Besides Tourism Office
5:00PM-6:00PM – Dinner Preparation
6:00PM-9:00PM – Free Time
9:00PM-Beyond – Lights Off

March 9 (Saturday) DAY 2 –

5:00AM-6:00AM – Wake up call/Coffee Time
6:00AM-7:00AM – Breakfast
7:00AM-8:00AM – Fixed Tent/Gear up
8:00AM-9:00AM – Orientation c/o MENRO
Jump off Poblacion to Barangay Salacafe
9:00AM-10:00AM – Arrival (Barangay Salacafe)
10:00AM-10:30AM – To Sitio Nabul
10:30AM-2:00PM – Trekking to Holon Outlet
2:00PM-5:00PM – Fetch Tent/Photo Ops
5:00PM-7:00PM – Dinner Preparation
7:00PM-9:00PM – Mountainers’ Way
9:00PM-Beyond – Ligths Off/Be considerate to other Mountaineers

March 10 (Sunday) DAY 3

5:00AM-6:00AM – Coffee time
6:00AM-7:00AM – Breakfast Preparation
7:00AM-8:00AM – Trek to outlet downstream
Going to Landslide Area
8:00AM-10:00AM – Photo Ops/See the Destruction Made by 2001 Earthquake
That causes a flashflood that affected some part of the
Province of Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato along Allah
10:00AM-12:00N – Still on Landslide Area
12:00N-1:00PM – Lunch
1:00PM-2:00PM – Trek Back to Campsite
2:00PM-5:00PM – Break Camp/Pack up Logistics
Trek Back to Barangay Salacafe
5:00PM-6:00PM – Transportation (Salacafe-Poblacion)
6:00PM-7:00PM – Fetch Tent/Washed up
7:00PM-12:00MN – Giving of Certificates/Dinner
Mountaineers Night

March 11 (Monday) – “HOME SWEET HOME”

Lake Holon Trivia

Lake Holon was said to have been formed by a volcanic eruption on Jan. 4, 1641. At this time, the mountain was called Melibongoy. Centuries later, a n American surveyor pilot named Parker crashed in the mountain, and since then, the mountain has been named in his honor.

Looking forward to this! Kita kits!

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