Travelling down Southern Cebu to Dumaguete in Negros

After our spiritual journey to Simala Church, we continued with our adventure travelling down Southern Cebu.

Our destination: the Liloan port going to Sibulan in Negros.

Travelling South Cebu

Although we have just passed, here are some great and must-see nooks and crannies on the Southern part of Cebu that you might wanna check out the next time you’ll be heading there (as I will in my next trip to Cebu!)



I’m sure you have heard about the chicharon and lechon of Carcar. But this municipality definitely has more than that to offer. Also known as the Heritage City because of its rich architectural details – with structures built on various American and Spanish periods.

I’ve had a taste of it’s chicharon during the bus stop through a vendor selling it.



For the devout Catholics, one of the main destinations of Sibonga is the Simala Shrine. It features the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist. It is popular among devotees because it is believed to be the home of the miraculous Virgin Mary. Read more of my visit to Simala HERE


At first glace, Boljoon may not seem so significant as it usually just come across as a quaint seaside town. But at a closer look, you will soon find out there is definitely more to see. One of the must-visit places is the oldest church in Cebu, which was declared as a National Historical Landmark.


You have probably heard about the famous beaches of Cebu. One of the accessible diving spots is located in Santander with its close proximity to the famouse Apo Island, Pescador, Sumilon, and Siquijor.


One of the primary attractions of Badian is its string of breathtaking beaches. Of course, its main attraction would have to be the Kawasan Falls and the Kabokalan Springs. With the different types of flora and fauna, it can be quite a treat to walk along the river canyon.


Moalboal is best known for its beaches and unique underwater configurations. Since the beaches are still not well developed, you can expect considerably cheaper rates.

Arrival at Liloan Port


How to go to Negros from Cebu?

One option you have is taking the route from Liloan, Cebu to Sibulan, Negros Oriental

  • By Boat: Several times daily with a big outrigger. The last departure is about 8pm. *Luckily we were able to get in to the 2nd to the last trip. (20 minutes travel time)

Arrival at the Sugar Island of the Philippines

It was around 8pm when we arrived at the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, the Island of the Negritos, Negros!


Immediately we hopped on a public jeepney heading to Dumaguete city to look for an affordable accommodation to spend the night.

Budget Accommodation in Dumaguete City

We even had a difficulty as almost all that we’ve asked for are already fully booked. So we ended up in Negros Oriental Lodging house for our first night.

Negros Lodging House

Vintage Inn Dumaguete

On our second night, we booked (and I recommend this place) at Vintage Inn. The Vintage Inn might well be the best value in Dumaguete for budget travelers. They’re located across the street from the public market, few steps from the Cathedral (since we are also planning to attend the first day of Misa de Gallo, December 16, during our trip here).


Customer service is also great. They allowed us to leave our baggage early in the morning though we can’t check in yet, since we plan on going somewhere else (in Bais) and don’t want to have our heavy bags with us.

Vintag Inn Contact Details

  • Cell: 0939 8950 982, 0917 7270 305
  • Landline: (035) 225 1076, (035) 422 9106, (35) 422 8822
  • Fax: (035) 225 1076

Vintage Inn Dumaguete

Tomorrow will be another day! Hmm? Time to find out if my stay in the Sugar Capital of the Philippines will be as sweet as its name? What do you think?

Robinsons Dumaguete

4 thoughts on “Travelling down Southern Cebu to Dumaguete in Negros

  1. Hi,

    I really like your blog and wanted to travel myself in Dumaguete. But I just have a correction if I may with the term sugar capital. Negros Oriental is not the sugar capital but it is Negros Occidental where Bacolod is located hence the Masskara Festival.


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