Fort San Pedro / Plaza Independencia in Cebu City

Fort San Pedro with Adventuroj

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro at Night

Fort San Pedro is a military structure built during the spanish days. . It is situated in the area called Plaza Independencia.

This is the smallest and the oldest triangular fort in the Philippines which was built in 1738 which served as a defensive structure for the Philippine revolutionaries.

In front of the Fort San Pedro

Inside Fort San Pedro

Having its triangular shape, two sides facing the sea and the other is in front of the land.  The fort contains significant number of buildings. Today , the city government of Cebu manages and administers the Fort. Inside showcases a well-preserved artifacts  like documents , paintings, sculptures during the early spanish days.

Since I’ve went to Fort San Pedro twice (the first was on my own while my family was waiting at the nearby port for our boat trip to Tagbilaran (Bohol) and the second was with them), I’ve had 2 sets of images – one taken at day time and the other set at nigh time. Thanks to my tripod, I was able to took photos of myself! LOL!

Fort San Pedro at Daytime

The Blind Walls

I look so small with this huge wall

On Forth the Fort

Take a peek inside

Plaza Independencia

Plaza Independencia has been refurbished, now scenic and beautifully maintained. Old gigantic trees, benches, grassy lawns, a gazebo, statues of Ramon Magsaysay and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi surround the area.

At the Plaza Independencia


With Miguel Loped de Legazpi

At Miguel Lopez de Legazpi's Monument

Japanese Memorial

Japanese Tomb Marker

How to go to Fort San Pedro / Plaze Independencia

You can get there by taking a public transport by riding a cab. Locals know where Fort San Pedro is. If you will be coming from the Mactan International Airport, it probably would cost over Php150 . Or if you like the Filipino style of transportation, you can take a public utility jeepney. There are jeepneys that pass along the place. You can look for jeepneys with Plaza signboards.

Side Trip

I don’t know where I’m going. Just letting myself be dragged by my itchy feet I guess.

Side Trip to Nowhere else

Another Nowhere else

At least I'm not alone. He's with me.

Wondering where will be my next trip?

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