Palawan: Pristine Beach, Chinese Temple, St Clare Monastery, & more Roadside Trips!

Pristine Beach

Most of the locals go to Pristine, Nasin-aw and Silica beaches. These are the beaches in the city that can be reached within 15 minute trike ride. The entrance fee is very affordable. It ranges from P10-P20 per person while renting cottages would cost you around P200 and above.

P20 is the entrance fee in Pristine per person while in Nasin-aw, it’s only P10. If you choose to go to Nasin-aw, you can also go to Pristine without paying for the entrance. All you have to do is to cross the fence or the boundary of the two resorts.





However beware of the need to walk in knee-high deep water during high tides for you to be able to get into your cottages.


The road towards the beach is also a challenging, muddy yet fun one for those who loves trekking like me.



Bularan sa Palawan

While walking from Sta Lourdes Wharf (where Honda Bay is located) towards the main road, we passed by these bularan along the road. Dried fish, along with other dried seafood products, are also one of Palawan’s specialties.


Chinese Temple

A few meters away from the Bularan in Sta Lourdes, you’ll be able to pass by this beautiful Chinese temple. I believe this is not included in the usual city tour of tour agencies. Lucky us for making a DIY tour! =)






St Clare Monastery

A few more blocks away, we’ve found this sign on the main road. Since the sign did not include an information on how far the monastery is from the road, we were fooled into believing that getting here is an easy one, but we were wrong. After minutes and kilometers of walking, we’ve started to wonder where the monastery is.

We started asking. Some told us that it’s near enough (2km daw). So we continued our trek. And after asking again, we were told that it’s still miles away. Luckily we’re able to found a kind trike driver who took us there for a minimum fare.









Here’s their symbolic final station in their usual Station of the Cross, where Jesus was buried and resurrected.



More Roadside Trips



Notice that their soil here’s a bit red.



Commodore Hernandez Mansion



Tiangge, Tiangge

Tiangge Tiangge, the place where you can buy cheap and affordable pasalubongs. Don’t forget to haggle. In some stores, the small pearl earring is P20 each but there are other stores inside the area where you can buy it for P10 each. Pearls are cheap here.


8 thoughts on “Palawan: Pristine Beach, Chinese Temple, St Clare Monastery, & more Roadside Trips!

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    • Hi joanna! We stayed at Aniceto’s Pension House for a double non aircon room for 550php/night [sms: +63927059782].. I prepared a Do It Yourself tour beforehand and yun yung ginamit namin para di na masyadong magastos. We just opted to take the public transpo (trikes & multicabs) para makatipid. There are no taxis there, but I think there are a number of agencies offering tour packages if you like, or car rentals. Just let me know if you want a copy of our itinerary. I could email them to you. 🙂

      Thanks for droppin by!

      • hi sis, i read your blog can you email your itinerary to me? ^- I would love to DIY. My mom and I will go to puerto prinsesa this coming august, it’s my treat for her birthday. Hope you’ll share it with me. thanks and more power ^ -^

  2. hi! really nice blog 🙂

    me and my friend are planning to go there 1st quarter next year. we decided to just rent a trike for our city tour but after reading your blog, i’m thinking if we can just do the same just like what you did.

    hope you can email me a copy of your itinerary.

    thanks in advance!

  3. Inspiring! Haha pang apat na blog mo na nababasa ko 😉 instead of taking tours from agencies, mas maganda etong naisip mo, Sis 🙂 nakapaglista nq ng mga pupuntahan namin jan 🙂 salamat sa mga ideas 😉

  4. Thank u po sa information.My friends and I will also like to travel travel next year.This idea is really great! Hope you can also email me a copy of your itinerary.Thank you!

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