Not Your Ordinary Pasta House: Basilio’s – Based Basil Pasta and Resto

It was a cold and cozy Tuesday afternoon when me and my buddy decided to warm ourselves up by treating our appetite to a new found pasta house in our very own province in South Cotabato, specifically in Koronadal City.

Although we often eat out in Davao, but having a taste of specialty cuisines in our locality is still an experience worth trying ; something worth bragging for.

And so around 3pm we entered this home-turned-resto pasta house  – The Basilio’s.

Basilio's Pasta House

Basilio’s Pasta House

Upon entering this restaurant, one will definitely feel the warmth and coziness of a home. A perfect place for family bonding or simply catching up with old friends.

Basilio's Interior

Basilio’s Interior



Heading upstairs you will be impressed by a Japanese style dining facility where tables are surrounded by cushions laid out for a relaxing dining experience. Floors are squeaky clean and laid out with banig. I even thought that this would be a perfect place to have a relaxing massage or yoga.



And since it’s Japanese inspired, guest are required to leave their footwear behind. Need not worry for Basilio’s will be providing you slippers.


Then it’s time to order.

Basilio’s Specialty

Basilio’s culinary fare specializes in pasta. You have a number of pastas and sauces to choose from. And of course, almost all of them include their favorite herb – the Basil. (The name Basilio’s was derived from the restaurant’s main ingredients in almost all their specialties – the Basil.)

For our 1st luncheon experience there, we tried their Carbonara Pasta, a fettuccine pasta which has the right amount of creaminess and non of that evap milk taste common in other restaurants. It has the right amount of saltiness from the bacon and butter.

Basilio's Carbonara

Basilio’s Carbonara

The Gambas Pasta, the signature dish of Basilio’s – a tomato based fettuccine pasta with shrimps topped with chili flakes. I was surprised at the pinch of spiciness that linger in your mouth after taking a spoonful of it, probably brought about by the chili flakes.


 Gambas Pasta

Gambas Pasta

Then the third one the Lasagna, also a house specialty, mixed just with the right amount of creaminess enough to leave you wanting for more.




This is also a favorite of my father. I actually heard this Pasta House first from him, turned out the owner was a friend of his. As a matter of fact you could also see one of my father’s craft in this culinary place – his Wall Aquariums, a hobby turned business by him. (Let me know if you want one done in your home! *Wink)

Wall Aquarium

Wall Aquarium made by my father

What is impressive with Basilio’s is that their prices are really reasonable! Imagine a plate of their succulent pasta will only cost you around P95 per single serving.. now that is delicious isn’t it?!

Basilios Menu

Basilios Menu

And for those who are not pasta-lovers, they also have main dishes served with rice and vegetables on the side.

Where is Basilios?

Basilio’s – Based Basil Pasta and Resto is located at 72 MH Del Pilar St., Korondal city. From Gensan drive, turn left at the round bowl, and once you reach Notre Dame of Marbel university, turn right and left again at MH Del Pilar St. For bookings or reservations, you can call them at +63 83 228 2878. Business hours is from 10AM til 10PM daily.

Adventuroj Ventures at Basilios

Adventuroj Ventures at Basilios