Photobook Philippines Review: How to Create your own Travel Album

Hi everyone!

Several months ago, I happen to stumble upon PHOTOBOOKS, and have instantly fallen in love with them. As a matter of fact, I’ve had several Photobooks personalized and ordered already to capture photos in print of my travels all over the world.

Believe me, printed photos are just way cooler than just having them in your digital gadgets or social media accounts like Facebook!

So as I was saying, I was posting photos of my Photobooks and sharing it to my friends, and as time goes by, a lot had been asking me on how is it done. So here I am, creating a guide on how to create your own Photobook.

Check this out!

What is Photobook?

So what is this ‘Photobook’ I’m talking about?

Well, it’s simple really; it’s basically a photograph book you make online. You get to pick a size, choose your paper type, then upload your pictures and customize each page with backgrounds, content, clip art and frames.

With a photo book it’s easy to put your personality onto every page. Anything goes, so you can make your book your way.

All the templates are there and you just have to drag and drop your photos. EASY!

Hot to create photobooks

Take a look at some of the Photobooks I created!! 🙂

How to make your own Photobook?

  1. Sign up an account at
    • Click ‘My Account’ on the upper right corner.
    • Then Click ‘REGISTER’
  2. Now that you’ve already created an account, let me share to you a Photobook Deal.

Get your Photobook for only 20 PESOS!

Yep, that is so right.. I’ll share to you an online deal of having a Photobook for only 20 Pesos rather than paying its original srp price of 1,200Php?


  2. Pay for your order and after successful payment, you will get a VOUCHER CODE.
  3. Activate your Metrodeal Voucher code in this online form during the voucher validity period. [IMPORTANT TO DO THIS FIRST, BEFORE YOU CAN USE YOUR DISCOUNT VOUCHER]

The online form will look like this:


Fill out this part on the left side. Use the EMAIL you used for signing up in step 1.

After which, you will be taken to a confirmation page like this.


Now click back and you’re all set to start designing your Photobook!


You will be given choices on how you’d like to do your Photobook. I usually do mine using the 3rd option, ONLINE READYBOOKS.


Now if you’ll choose the ONLINE READYBOOKS, you will be taken to choose your template. NOTE THAT IF YOU PURCHASED THE 20php DEAL, they are only good for the MINI SQUARE 6″x 6″ Photobooks. So CHOOSE THIS OPTION.


After clicking it, you can now CHOOSE YOUR TEMPLATE.

Example for me, I’ll be picking ‘TRAVEL’


After which, this page will appear. Make sure to check that it is MINI SQUARE 6×6, SOFT COVER.


If all is set, then, click PERSONALIZE! A LOG-IN PAGE will appear, and you will have to enter your login details.


You will be taken to the ONLINE PHOTOBOOK EDITOR. Click this button on the upper left corner, to upload your images. You can also import images from your Facebook albums.


After uploading your photos, you can have the option to AUTO FILL if you’re not in the mood to one by one drag and drop the photos in the gray boxes.


If you’re all done and finished with your Photobook. Click ORDER.


This will be the prize that will first appear, don’t worry as we have not applied our discount voucher yet.

You can also change the paper choice, personally I like the cheaper one. The 70php is way thinner.

Click ‘CONTINUE’ then select shipping. By default it is set to Express Shipping. This is already good. Takes 10 working days or 2 weeks for your order to arrive.




Here you will now enter the VOUCHER CODE you ACTIVATED earlier.

See, the 1,200Php will no be ZERO and the only amount that you will have to pay is the shipping only.

Note that you CANNOT have multiple orders and have all of them shipped together to save from shipping fee. This is just how Photobooks’ rule is.

Anyway, who wouldn’t be happy for a Photobook of only 270Php (20php + 250php)?

Amazing deal and surely when you receive your Photobook you will be all smiles!

Here’s my Photobook of my Southeast Asia Backpacking Trip for 60 days. 🙂