Travel Tip: How to Create Your Own Portable Travel Wi-Fi?

Portable Wifi

Ever want to travel with a portable wifi and be connected with your online community anywhere you go?

For a traveler, a blogger, and an online freelancer like me this has always been not just a want, but a need. I’m sure you could relate with me.

Wanted Wi-Fi Story

Waiting in the departure area of an airport, doing absolutely nothing, so you decided to grab your mobile phone, look for available wifi networks in the area – then you found a lot, wow!

But as you try to connect, all of them turned out to be password protected! uh oh..

Fret not for you still have that option of going into a ‘Wifi Café’ and order a cup of coffee to grab that needed password –

But then you realize you don’t have enough money, the remainder of your allowance went to the ever expensive 200php terminal fee – ouch!

But knowing that you don’t give up easily, you think of another approach – ahah! Why not just use my mobile data to get connected to the internet!?

So you tried registering for a 1 day unlimited internet or a similar one – but found out that you ran out of cellular load!

Bang! It’s the end .. you start to hope and envy those rich kids around you with postpaid internet mobile plans, or those men and women in suits in coffee shops tinkering their laptops..

Oh well, let me end this kind of situation for you. Next time you travel, why not try my portable wifi way

How Do I Travel and Be Online All the Time?

I do not have any existing mobile plans. Just a regular prepaid user who’s subscribing to a regular unlimited call and text promo.

But of course as needed in my work, I prefer my internet connection to be a mobile broadband rather than an internet line connected to a router in our house.

Mobile broadband allows me to travel more and be online anywhere. But how knowing that a broadband stick is not wifi?

How to Make your Broadband Stick Wifi?

Did you know that you could actually  make your broadband internet stick wifi? Just buy one of these Huawei Pocket Wi-Fi..

For me I use a Huawei E355… bought from an online shop.

travel wifi

My Portable Travel Wifi

This gadget can be use as USB Broadband Stick and/or a wifi router to broadcast your 3G / 4G internet using only one sim card.

What I do is I transfer here my broadband internet sim and vwalah! be instantly connected! You could also put regular sim cards registered in internet promos!

This wifi stick however needs to be powered via a usb port – you could plug it into your laptop (but of course this necessitates that you go around traveling with your laptop just for the stick to work? no way – that’s no longer ‘portable’) so what I do is this..

Power Your Wi-Fi Stick with a Power Bank

Now that you already have a wifi stick as small as that, you now need something to power it – with this I use a Power Bank.


My brand new Yoobao 13,000 mAH powerbank to replace a cheap one that I have before

A Power Bank is a device that once charged, could power mobile phones, tablets, ipads, digital cameras (connected with usb cables) and yes, usb wi-fi sticks!

Here’s the set up that I do –

Portable Wifi

The Wi-Fi Stick and Powerbank set up I carry with me (with my old powerbank)

Then as simple as this, just plug it in, and you’re already connected to the online world!

No need for router set ups, expensive mobile internet plans, coffee shop purchases, and more password seeking for available wifi efforts!

So next time you travel, carry a Wi-Fi anywhere! Have that portable pocket Wi-Fi stick with you!